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Building value through sport

Founded in the Cayman Islands in 2017 and with Offices & consultants based in Mainland Europe, South America and USA, Baron Leisure has a true global reach. Specializing in custom sports sponsorship packages we can help you capitalize value for your brand or sports property.




"Let us do the leg work"

Providing an established international network of club teams the possibilities are endless, including Scouting, transfers and team & player agreements.

Sustainable Motorsport

"Contributing to a brighter future"

Sustainable, environmentally friendly & neutral carbon series are the future of Motorsports. Be driven to a brighter future with multiple series sponsorship partnership opportunities.

Sustainable Motorsport


"We are driven"

Established and proven Motorsports Series team & placement or trackside sponsorships offer unique domestic and international value and exposure for your brand.

Global Sailing

"Get onboard"

Now's the time to get onboard International Sailing teams and events. A new era is dawning with rapid advances in Sailing design & technology. Long established competitive teams and a dedicated international event audience creates a true global presence for your brand.

Global Sailing
Athlete development

Athlete development

"The Next-gen"

The next generation of Athletes are the future of the sport, identifying future talent early - be part of the journey.



Know where to begin

Identifying client focus + quality input + selective partnerships and choice + securing the best terms = sustainable results.  Approach sponsorship in a way that allows you to build on success over time.  Sponsoring an established leading team or event that attracts your target audience is a great way to accomplish this.


Property in Sponsorship

In sponsorship, the property is what your brand will represent and it is where your logo will be shown. Things like race teams, drivers, race series', tracks/venues and events can all be utilized as properties. Each property offers unique value and can apply to your brand in very different ways.


Activation in Sponsorship

Sponsorship activation is what you do with the property after you have acquired it. Announcements, press conferences, Media integrations, fan engagement, contests, lead generation, awareness campaigns, and any number of custom programs fall into this category. Activation is where your brand comes to life, and where you can start to see major ROI connected to your business.


Building ROI: It’s in the detail

We are part of your team. Providing the right sponsorship property and a continued return, we work for you. Work smart, allowing us to apply the development & attention to detail that builds a sustainable activation & ROI to your property.

About us

About us

BARON Leisure

offers over 25 years of experience in sports, leisure & hospitality consultancy allowing exclusive access to an extensive global network. Working with some of the world's most influential sport teams, personalities and governing bodies we strategically position our clients to achieve their investments full potential. With a Global presence specializing in team, environmentally driven sports and athlete development our core business practice is marrying high end private & international business operators and public-sector investors who seek premier advertising, sponsorship & hosting opportunities within elite international multi-media sports teams & events.

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